Coping with Memes – A Mini Project

I recently started a new mini-project (found on the menu bar at the top of the page) titled the “Coping with Memes” project.

Memes are currently dominating much of our society and the media we consume. It has come to the point where memes have become the main mode of communication for some individuals. People tag their friends in memes on Facebook, send their significant others memes, and create memes of their own.

I am someone that has created many memes and upon reflecting on the themes of the memes I have created, I noticed a trend: these memes usually were addressing various traumatic experiences I have had in my lifetime. In a way, my creation of these memes was a way for me to cope and explore the trauma in my own way.

After realizing this in myself, I started to see similar trends in others as well. Whether the creators created the memes with the intent of it being a statement or for it to act as a coping mechanism, there are often deeper, darker themes masked under the humorous front of the meme.

Through the Coping with Memes project, I hope to further explore memes, my own experiences, and to encourage reflection and production of memes in others. This page will be updated throughout the years with new memes and new stories attached to the memes and I anticipate this to be an ongoing project.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a meme is no exception.

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