Visualizing Your Best Possible Self

This is an activity that was adapted from the ‘Best Possible Self’ positive psychology intervention. I used this activity when I engaged with middle school and high school students and it has been a successful creative self-reflection activity. It also brings joy in visualizing and imagining our best possible selves.

We’re often asked during interviews, “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 and 10 years?” and this is our chance to ask ourselves. Except now we don’t have to worry about being judged by an interviewer as we’re just answering this question for ourselves. What do our best possible selves look like and how do we become this person?

Formatting the Page

Before you get started on your self reflection journey, here are some tips for formatting. Split the page roughly into 2/3 on one side and 1/3 on the other side. The 1/3 side will act as your visualization side. This is where you’ll draw or write (or both!) what your best possible self will be like. The 2/3 side will act as your pathway side. This is where you’ll figure out a path of how to get to your best possible self. I’ve outlined some guiding questions below for both sides.

Questions to consider (Visualization)

  1. Who are the people around your best possible self?
  2. What qualities does your best possible self have?
  3. What type of environment surrounds your best possible self?
  4. What items/materials/things do you need in order to be your best possible self?

Questions to consider (Pathway)

  1. How do you get to your goals?
  2. What materials do you need to fulfill your goals?
  3. Are some goals reliant on other individuals?
  4. Do some goals take longer than others? How long?
  5. Do certain tasks/things fulfill multiple goals? Connect them with different arrows!

What now?

Try your best to identify goals, subgoals, and things that you need to achieve these goals. After you’ve created your flowchart and pictures, you’ll feel so much better about your future and what’s up ahead for you. This gives me a sense of control and helps me understand what I have left to achieve. Even though there’s a lot I have to cover and achieve, seeing it all on this page doesn’t scare me and makes me feel hopeful for the future now that I have a rough roadmap to success.

I hope this activity allows you to engage with your creative mind and to reflect on what you want your future to look like. May we meet in the future as our best possible selves!

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