Bullet Journaling: How Do I Get Started?

Starting something new always makes me anxious and feeling that I have to do well and be perfect. That’s how I felt when I started bullet journaling. I didn’t want to mess up (especially since I was using pen!) and I wanted it to look great! I actually had to experiment and change things from month to month, page to page, and even then I still adapt and adjust my format to something that fits me.

Though this is a guide for how to create a bullet journal, there are by no means any ‘hard’ rules on what it should look like! This is your journal and do what works best for yourself and your goals.

What do I need?

  • A bullet journal of your choice! (I bought mines from Amazon)
  • Pens (Black ink and multicolor ink)
  • Ruler or straightedge

There aren’t many tools that you need to get started and it depends on how much you want on your page! It also depends on the purpose of your bullet journal. Are you planning on using it for a calendar? To do list? Both? You can figure out what type of formatting you want and experiment with what works best.

Some examples of pages you could create are:

  1. To do list (daily, weekly, monthly?)
  2. Monthly calendar
  3. Week by week calendar
  4. Mood tracker
  5. Habit/Activity tracker
  6. Short/Long term goal planning
  7. Inspiration page with quotes, pictures, etc.
  8. Positivity page with things to brighten up your day!
  9. and much more!

Putting the pen on the paper

Once you’ve figured out what you want on your page and you’re ready to get started, you can finally put the pen on the paper!

On this page, I decided to make a monthly calendar spread for the month of May. I’m using a Muji 0.7 ink pen and ruler to outline the calendar boxes. Each box is about 5 boxes long/wide and I made sure to make marks of where the points begin and end before I started drawing lines across the page. I used this colorful tape I purchased from the dollar store to add some colorful touches to my page.

On the side of my calendar, I like to put a “Don’t Forget” box to remind me of things that I may let myself forget. There are times when I might feel down or need some positive vibes, and because I refer to my calendar every day, having this box here gives me the reminders I need.

I also like to have a general “To Do” box on this page to remind me of general things I should be keeping in mind and working on. I cross out the entire action item once I’m done (it makes me feel so accomplished!).

If you’re like me and love cute things, you can definitely incorporate that into your bullet journal. I have some stickers and sticky notes that I never used and I am able to stick it onto my journal pages. It adds another colorful touch and brightens up my day. Don’t have stickers? No worries! You can doodle and add your own drawings to your journal as well.

Your bullet journal can be anything you want it to be. Do what works best for you and what supports your creativity and productivity. I hope that my post inspired you to pursue bullet journaling and to engage with your creative mind!

Let me know what you like to put in your bullet journal and what creative touches you add!

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