What is qqueenie.com?

Hello everyone!

My name is Queenie and I am the writer and moderator of this blog!

Who Am I?

When it comes to my identity, the first one that comes to mind is my identity as a first-generation low-income (FGLI) student. I grew up in communities surrounded by people like myself but once I came to college, I learned that there are people vastly different from me. My identity as a FGLI student has since helped me gain friendships and experiences that allowed me to grow and develop as a leader.

Culturally, I identify as Chinese-Vietnamese. Though on the outside I may be viewed by society as just another Asian American, my family and our cultural history has shaped me immensely as well. I hope to explore this future in future blog posts, so stay tuned!

Though I am a FGLI student who is the child of two immigrant parents, I am lucky to have graduated from high school and college. My next step is graduate school and I’m immensely proud to have made it this far.

What is qqueenie.com?

qqueenie.com is my blog that has evolved over the years. After struggling this past semester with what I wanted my blog to look like and what purpose I wanted it to serve, I decided to do a complete revamp and relauch of my blog.

Previously known as qqueenie.net, my new domain is qqueenie.com. I wanted to move my domain back to wordpress and also to have a fresh, new start. With all the changes in my life, this blog has brought me a sense of control and comfort.

Why is it lowercase? Why not QQueenie.com?

When I first decided on my domain name, I wanted something that consisted of my first name. I wanted to claim it as my own, in a way. I did not simply want it to be queenie.com but I wanted to add a personal touch to it. qqueenie.com consists of my name and also of qq which is an emoji I used a lot growing up. It is to resemble a crying face (q_q) and as someone who often cries and is very emotional, I felt that it was the perfect name for my blog where I would be 100% honest and vulnerable with my readers.

With that, I welcome you to my blog!

Please feel free to follow and subscribe to my posts if you’d like to be notified of when I post new content. If you are also a blogger yourself, please connect with me! I love reading content created by others and I’d love to check yours out.

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